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Artie Shaw was born Arthur Arshawsky in Manhattan, New York, in 1910. He went on to become a major musical figure as a jazz clarinetist, bandleader, composer and arranger. From 1925 until 1936, Shaw performed with a variety of bands and orchestras including those of Johnny Caverello and Austin Wylie. He began to gain fame, however, after forming his own group in 1936. In 1938, his first big hit "Begin the Bequine" jettisoned him to the top of the charts and became Downbeat Magazine's "King of Swing," replacing Benny Goodman. Many hit records followed for Artie Shaw and his Orchestra.

He played his last performance in 1954. Since that time he has written numerous books and has overseen the release of a large portion of his work in digital formats. He remains a legend in the world of jazz and still holds the title "The King of Swing" in the minds of many.

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